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Federal Marshals Spotted Outside Atoka Co. School


TUSHKA, OK -- It was an unusual day at an Atoka County school when some federal agents dropped by.

The Tushka school office got some worried calls after several law enforcement agents were spotted outside the school around noon.

The superintendent says four cars with Texas plates from the U.S. Marshals Service stopped there. He says the marshals told him they were searching for a fugitive who might be in the Atoka County area.

"They had surveillance, some kind of electronic surveillance things that would pick up cell phones," says superintendent Bill Pingleton. "They had some associated cell phone numbers to this individual and they got a ping here and they thought the ping might have come from the school and they parked here out in front of the school with their electronic stuff."

School officials say the students were never in danger, and the marshals left after spending almost two hours there, apparently without finding anything.