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Denison Man Indicted After Allegedly "Sexting" And Threatening Teens


DENISON, TX -- A grand jury returns eight charges against a man accused of soliciting students via cell phone, and investigators say the suspect allegedly tried to shame the girls into sending inappropriate pictures.

The message investigators believe came from a teenager is clear. "No, delete the profile, or I'm turning you into the police," says the text message.

The alleged answer from Jacob Rowan, 27, of Denison, was: "Do it lol my phone can't be traced, they can't do anything anyway."

After an investigation by Grayson County deputies and Denison police, Rowan was arrested in November, and has now been indicted by a grand jury this week on two charges of online solicitation of a minor and six counts of possessing child pornography.

In one case, Rowan allegedly threatened a 14-year-old student, telling her to send him a picture within the hour, or else he would use a phony Facebook profile set up in her name to embarrass her by asking her friends for sex.

"Made profile and sending messages now to your teachers and ppl at bmac saying you want sex with them lol want me to stop?" read another message Rowan allegedly sent. "One booty picture in panties thong or nude and I'll stop, I swear."

Another message added:  "OK I will delete it for one hour then will reactivate it if I don't get it, but if I do get it, you have my word, I'll delete the facebook right away for good."

But when the victim apparently refused to comply, another message came through. "You now have seven guys your supposed to f--- after school tomorrow. I will tell them it's a joke if you do that if not then you'll have more sex dates lol."

According to court documents, at least one victim also told police she had met him in person at Forest Park, and that he'd threatened via text to kill her -- with one message from a spoof Facebook saying she would be on a milk carton -- if she did not send him nude photos.

Prosecutors in November requested a judge deciding bond consider Rowan's prior record and their online solicitation investigation involving over 30 minors.

He's currently being held in the Grayson County Jail while awaiting trial in lieu of bonds totaling $603,000.

Rowan's next court date has not yet been set. Prosecutors say the current charges involve two victims and the investigation is ongoing.