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Keystone Pipeline Now Transporting Oil through Texoma


TEXOMA--  Starting today, the Keystone XL pipeline's southern leg will be transporting oil through several counties in Texoma. This comes after a year of several extreme protests over the pipeline in Texoma.

"We feel that the governmental institutions and legal institutions have totally failed people and at this point the only recourse that we have is to try and take matters into our own hands," pipeline protestor George Mason said at a recent protest in Bryan County. 

The plan for the Keystone was commissioned in 2010, and since then, numerous protestors have tried to fight its creation. Some have even risked their lives in order to express their concern.

"I think that these kinds of things are very effective and very empowering for local communities," Mason said. 

"People get passionate about anything and some people just go to the extremes to demonstrate that," Bryan County Sheriff Ken Golden said at a recent protest. 

Despite their passion, TransCanada's plan for the $5.3 billion pipeline is moving forward and today the company started shipping crude oil through the southern leg of the Keystone.

This means the oil will be running through several Texoma counties including Atoka, Bryan, Coal and Lamar. The pipeline was built under Lamar County resident Emily Duncan's property about a year ago.

"I do not mind it," Duncan said. "I would welcome a pipeline to come through any time. It opens up a bunch of  job opportunities for the community and it's bringing a good cash flow throughout the community."

That flow is something that's not moving through the northern leg of the pipeline. Construction on it is on hold until the state department decides whether or not to issue a permit for that portion of the pipeline. When that final decision will be made remains unclear. 

Today, those who oppose the pipeline said crude oil requires massive amounts of energy and water to extract and that producing and refining it would send out large amount of harmful emissions.

Those we talked to who are for it said it will provide long term energy independence and an economic boost to Americans with the creation of tens of thousands of jobs.