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Mother of Conn Nipp Arrested, Appears In Court


ARDMORE, OK -- A Carter County man arrested twice in the past six months for eluding police is still in jail.    

Tuesday night his mother was arrested for driving drunk.

Police in Wilson say they arrested Melissa Dawn Nipp about 11:15 Tuesday night.     

Officers stopped her when they recognized her vehicle in connection with a report about shots fired from the car.

Wilson police say they performed a routine traffic stop here near the intersection of Fifth street and Fairview in Wilson    

Police say she failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI.     

After searching her vehicle, officers say they found a loaded handgun and illegal drugs.

"She was asked about any weapons in the vehicle she volunteered there was a weapon in the glove box," said Chief Felix Hernandez, of Wilson police. "When they checked the glove box they found a .25 caliber semi-automatic and it smelled like it had freshly been fired."    

The Carter County sheriff's office is looking into claims that Nipp fired shots at neighbors.

"That was referred to the county because it happened in county jurisdiction," said Hernandez.

Nipp appeared in court Wednesday facing misdemeanor charges of DUI, possession of controlled dangerous substance, and transporting a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle.

Meantime, Nipp's son--22-year old James Conn Nipp--is still in the Love County jail.     

He's being held on two $25,000 bonds related to a pair of police chases.     

Police say Conn Nipp is the last known person to be seen with  17-year old Molly Miller and 21-year old Colt Haynes before they disappeared in July.     

Neighbors were surprised to learn another Nipp family member was taken into custody.

"Kind of funny to me," said Arnold Austin. "I think there's something to hide. Why she had a handgun, why she wouldn't stop. You know her son's been recently arrested and now arrested again, so who knows?"

Melissa Nipp was released late this afternoon after bonding out of the Carter County jail. She is scheduled to appear in court again on March 11.