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Many Ada Parents Boycott Rue 21 for Selling Sexually Explicit Shirt


A growing number of parents in Ada say they're boycotting a local retail store they believe is sending the wrong message to young girls. The store is selling a shirt they say brings a literal meaning to the term "graphic tee."

"I wish there was a warning up on the door, you know, 'Don't bring your little girls in here,'" said Ada mother Juanita Hanson.

Hanson says her disappointment in the retail store Rue 21 began last week during a shopping trip with her 10-year-old daughter.    

"She pulled out one of the shirts and said 'Mom, does this mean what I think it means?!'"

Hanson's daughter found graphic tees with sexually explicit four-letter words hanging on the racks.

Hanson said: "I mean these T-shirts are asking for sex. I don't want to see that on my 10-year-old, or my 16-year-old for that matter."

Local parents--even the teenagers the store targets--say tops like these are out of the ordinary for Pontotoc County.

Rue 21 shopper Linda Wade said, "I could not believe that our little Rue 21 in Ada, Oklahoma, was selling a shirt like that."

David Rackliff, an 18-year-old Rue 21 shopper, said: "It really is pretty disgusting--something kids my age should not know about yet. It's just a bad deal."

Rue 21 employees didn't even let us inside the store to view their merchandise. However, they told us that the shirt was still being sold for $3.

When asked if they would ever shop at the store again, both Hanson and Wade said they would not.

Shoppers say they want the store to understand the message it is sending their children.

"That girls shouldn't even value themselves," said Wade. "And what kind of values are these teens learning, especially from something like this shirt?"

"It's just not okay," said Hanson. "I just want girls to know that they can be stylish without losing their dignity."

Several parents have taken to social media in hopes of removing the shirts from the North Hills Center location. We reached out to Rue 21's corporate office and have yet to hear back.