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Texomans React To The Possibility Of Legalizing Marijuana In Oklahoma


OKLAHOMA -- A push to legalize pot in Oklahoma is gaining momentum.

State senator Constance Johnson is proposing Senate Bill 2116.

That would allow for the tax and regulation of the drug.      

This, following the release of a recent magazine article where President Barack Obama is quoted as saying weed is no more dangerous than alcohol.      

The local people we talked to had mixed feelings about the proposed legislation.

"I disagree with legalizing marijuana in Oklahoma because I feel like it's a gateway drug, and I think people get too used to doing that and look to get that high from other things and eventually move on to harder things," said Kali Anderson, OK Resident.

"It needs to have a lot of limitations, but I think over all it would be a good.  It would be a good financial, and even a good health opportunity for a lot of people," said Robert Bonner, OK resident.

"I really don't care either way.  People are going to do whatever they want to do, so I really don't care," Bandy Lee, OK resident.

Senator Johnson's bill will be considered during the upcoming legislative session, which begins February 3rd.