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Whitesboro's "Corner of Chaos"

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WHITESBORO, TX --- It's one of the craziest student sections in Texoma. Welcome to Whitesboro's Corner of Chaos.

The corner of chaos is loud, its crazy and it is definitely distracting to the opposing teams.

"The first thing they do...they give us these eyes, like 'woah,' they don't know what to do. They just see a bunch of us screaming and yelling. And they're like 'woah, I don't know if were ready for this. and then boom, we just beat them by a lot of points and it's another win for the Whitesboro Bearcats," Whitesboro junior Thomas Morales said.

"We really get in people's heads and stuff. We mess them up. It's really fun to see them get frustrated from us," Whitesboro freshman Josh Fletcher added.

The Bearcats are in first place in their district and they are the number 16 team in Class 2A in the state. A part of that success is due to their student section.

"It's fun to be around. It's just one of those things like, you can come into a home game and automatically know that you have home-court advantage because of your students and people are proud of our team and what we do during the games. It's fun to be around," Whitesboro senior point guard, Collin Kilcrease said.

The students in the corner of chaos know how to play their role and they play it well.

"Number one thing would be just screaming and yelling. It gets in people's heads. The district is pretty near us, so you know everyone's name, so we kinda just say their name and it gets into their head. That's the point of our jobs is to get in people's head, for our team to execute and get the win," Morales said.

The Corner of Chaos welcomes all shapes and sizes, all makes and models, from an elephant to a panda, but they aren't too kind to opposing three point shooters.