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National vocalist leads MLK celebration at Austin College


SHERMAN -- On a day set aside to honor a man whose words still resonate 46 years after his death, Austin College hosted a musical tribute to set the tone.

Monday morning, members of the Sherman Federated Choir performed at a Martin Luther King Jr. celebration on-campus.

They were accompanied by Keron Jackson, the keynote speaker and vocalist from the Dallas area.

"It is definitely an honor only because I looked up to him so much," an honor

Jackson grew up in poverty, was abused and had drug-addicted parents.

At one point was homeless and penniless because he says he chose not to sell drugs.

He was eventually taken in by a Christian family and earned an education.

"Those people kind of nursed me back to life because when you're homeless, you know, it's just a horrible way to live because you don't feel like your life is worth living," Jackson said.

Jackson now makes a living traveling the nation as a professional opera singer, actor, evangelist and motivational speaker.

"I think that's what it represents," Austin College senior Robert Hutton said. "We all have a chance to do something great."

"Martin Luther King had a dream," Jackson said. "I believe that I'm a culmination of that dream. Black people and white people helped me to become successful and I think Martin Luther King would give me a thumbs up on that."