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SOSU Students Offer Day of Service in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King


DURANT, OK -- For 16 years students at Southeastern Oklahoma State University have been following in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s footsteps. They are making a difference by helping others.

More than 80 students woke up early Monday morning despite not having any classes to attend.

One group of students helped at the St. Catherine's food bank in Durant.

"We had everybody lined up in a row so we had about 20 people bagging bags and we had people at the back getting stuff. We all worked together very well. Nobody complained. There was a great center-energy going on with everything that we did," says Joseph Badan the Student Government President at SOSU.

"They came at 9 o'clock this morning and they lined up and they made 400 bags for us. We have about 450 to 600 families that come through every Wednesday so this is just heaven to us," explains Marilyn Hitchcock who volunteers at St. Catherine's food bank.

Instead of sleeping in, these students wanted to spend the day more like how Dr. Martin Luther King would have spent his day. 

"There's a symbolism in what this day represents. A lot of people see it as just a day to represent how far we have come from the days of segregation and the civil rights movement but more than that I think Dr. King wanted us to come together and work together," says Badan.

"Its a day "on" not a day off. Mrs. Camille really emphasizes that to us because some people just see it as a day that we don't have to go to work, we don't have to go to school and I'm glad at Southeastern we actually try and do some sort of service project each year," says Michelle Hornbeak, a senior RA at Residence Life on campus.

Camille Wilson, Dean of Students at SOSU, has overseen the students do this day of service since it began.

"Like Dr. King said my life ends at the point when I see them doing everything they want to do, the reason I work at a college is because of that. I see them do such exceptional things."