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High-Speed Chase Through Three Counties Ends Near Tushka


ATOKA COUNTY, OK -- A high-speed chase wound through parts of three Texoma counties tonight, sparking grass fires and ending with one man under arrest.

Troopers say the man who crashed his pickup truck south of Tushka was acting erratically and claimed he'd been using marijuana.

"He just went on saying that he was Jesus and that he thought the world was coming to an end today,  thought today was Armageddon," says OHP trooper Tommy Allen.

The chase started around 5:30 p.m. when an officer south of the Red River tried to pull over Christopher Burton, 39, of Highland Park, Tex., according to OHP.

"Denison P.D. I guess clocked the guy doing 110 heading northbound on 69 and then Colbert got in pursuit of him," says Allen.

Soon other officers from agencies including Caney, Atoka County, and OHP joined the chase. Troopers say Burton was again clocked at over 100 miles an hour, and ran off the road a couple of times, causing a flat tire.

"There were sparks flying and several cop cars behind the Dodge pickup," says witness Todd Miller, a Caddo firefighter.

"Whenever he went off the road and hit the flat, he was just grinding metal on the pavement, you know creating sparks," says Allen.

That set grass fires along the highway median, including some near the old Robertson's ham that Caddo firefighters responded to. "As it went by, they were heading north," says Miller.

It all ended north of Caney with the pickup running off the shoulder into the grass. "He swerved to go around the stop sticks and then went off the road to the right and that's where we got him," says Miller.

Burton was booked in to the Atoka County Jail on Sunday night on charges including resisting arrest, attempt to elude an officer, reckless driving, and using drug paraphernalia.