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Brush Fire Near Atoka Co. Road Starts Up Again


ATOKA COUNTY, OK -- A brush fire in near Tushka rekindles, forcing firefighters to go back to the scene again.

It happened Saturday afternoon on Gin Road, east of town. The fire burned an area of woods on the east side of the road and the yard around a trailer.

It appears it may have also damaged some of the siding. It's the same area where neighbors say firefighters were also called out on Friday.

"When we came in yesterday evening, it was burning in spots and then the fire department went in right there and put it out and then the wind switched to the south and it broke out down with the trailer where it started before," says witness David Burkhart.

Luckily for this homeowner, the fire stayed on the other side of the road from him. Firefighters say anyone considering outdoor burning needs to be very careful.