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Judge Hears Motions Involving Deputy Death Case In Sherman


SHERMAN, TX -- A visiting judge rules on numerous motions in the case of a Whitesboro man accused of running down a deputy.

The defense requested the 3-count murder and intoxication manslaughter case against Rickey Stanley, 29, and the 3-count aggravated assault case be joined into one.

They also asked for items like any 9-1-1 calls, personnel files of Deputy Chad Key, badge numbers and reports from all the officers at the scene, different agencies'  standard operating procedures for traffic control and accidents, and files on Clinton Espy, the subject of the original police chase whose vehicle authorities say was sitting on a wrecker near Sherman at the time of the accident.

"We covered various motions to determine one kind of how long trial will last as well as what evidence is discoverable at trial and it's just kind of preliminary matters that the judge took up at this time," says defense attorney Gaylon Riddels.

"Today was the defense's request for production of certain discovery items and things that they think are relevant and just taking care of some of the housekeeping matters for how we try the case," says District Attorney Joe Brown.

Judge Richard Davis granted many of the defense's motions during the two-hour-long hearing, and ruled others were too broad.    The case is set to go to trial on February 3-3.