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Shooting Rampage Comes To An End With Suspect's Death In Ardmore


New developments in what authorities now say was a multi-county crime spree in southern Oklahoma. The suspect, 18 year old Henry Jackson, was shot and killed by Ardmore Police late Thursday night.  Now, the Johnston County Sheriff's office confirms Jackson is also suspected of shooting and killing another man near Tishomingo and kidnapping a pregnant woman and her children.

Ardmore Police say it may have all started Wednesday night with the shooting of a 19 year old woman. Sgt. Ryan Hunnicutt says "Henry Jackson is their prime suspect for the Wednesday night shooting". Then, on Thursday, Ardmore 911 received a call for shots fired. When officers got to the scene on Boyd Street, they found a young male who had been shot in the hip. He was flown to a hospital in Oklahoma City and treated, and released.

Authorities also say around 6:30 Thursday night, while on another routine call, two A.T.F Agents spotted the car Henry Jackson was driving in northeast Ardmore. The two agents tried to apprehend him, and that's when they say he opened fire striking both agents. One was treated on the scene; the other was taken to the hospital but is in good condition.

Friday morning, the Johnston County Sheriff's office confirmed to KTEN that Jackson is also a suspect in a murder and kidnapping near Tishomingo.

According to the Johnston County Sheriff's office, the woman and two boys were able to get away near Gene Autry, but the man found in the home had been shot to death.

In the end, the search for Jackson turned into an all-out manhunt in Ardmore where several law enforcement agencies tracked him down. Upon approaching Jackson, he exchanged gun fire with officers where he was hit and killed.

Authorities say Jackson may be responsible for other crimes across the multiple counties. We will continue to update you as we get more information.