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No appeal by Marshall County man convicted of murder


MADILL -- There will be no appeal by a Marshall County man sentenced for three murders.

Joshua Scott appeared in a Madill courtroom Wednesday to learn whether his request to withdraw his blind plea would be granted.

Scott pleaded 'no contest' in October to the murders of Chad Page, Ashleigh Lindsey and her unborn child. He agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors in October to change his prior plea of not guilty. In exchange, Scott would not face the death penalty.

In December, a judge sentenced Scott to three consecutive life terms in prison without the possibility of parole. Scott had ten days from his sentencing to appeal. He sent a hand-written motion to the judge that was filed on December 19, 2013. In it, Scott wrote he "received ineffective assistance of council through Eric Jones." He requested his blind plea be withdrawn.

Jones says he feels he did provide Scott with an effective legal defense.

In court Wednesday, state indigent defense attorneys said they met with Scott on Friday and Wednesday and, after those discussions, Scott decided to withdraw his request to withdraw his blind plea.

"What it means in this particular instance is that had he been allowed to withdraw his plea of guilty, he may have faced a bill of particulars or he may have face the death penalty," indigent defense attorney Ed Frock explained. "It was in his opinion, as well as in the opinion of the representatives who appeared here today for him, that that would be a very unwise idea."

"It's done," Lindsey's mother, Tara Woodlee said. "He decided to rescind that plea so what they said in court was that he has no more appeals so this chapter for the family is closed."