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Whitesboro ISD Seeks Snow Day Waivers


WHITESBORO, TX---  The Whitesboro school board met tonight and on their agenda was an item addressing three inclement weather days that were missed because of the recent ice storm.

In total, Whitesboro ISD students missed five days last month, but because of the designated bad weather days that the district has, only three of them need to be made up. Tonight, the district talked about asking the Texas Education Agency for a waiver for those days so they don't have to be made up. 

"The board has to approve that it's okay for us to submit the waiver," Whitesboro ISD Superintendent Pete Slaughter said. "Then we submit it through the TEA. They will review the waiver and the request and then they'll either except or reject that waiver."

As of right now, we're not sure what their decision was on this item, but we'll keep you updated.

Texas state law requires students to be in class a minimum of 180 days. According to Superintendent Slaughter, classes need to be wrapped up by May 30th.