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Texoma Fire Danger is High This Week


TEXOMA -- With the high wind and dry air, fire officials are urging people to use caution.

Wind speeds around 20 to 25 mph, and gusts even higher than that combined with dry air make for dangerous brush fire conditions.  

Fire officials in Denison are asking anyone doing outdoor burning to be careful.

"Don't do it on a real windy day. Monitor it. Keep water available and just use caution," says Bruce Geilhausen, Denison Battalion Chief.

There are two times of year when we see dangerous fire conditions . During the heat of summer and during the middle of winter when vegetation becomes dry. Dry grass and trees provide abundant fuel for fires to burn. Add that to the gusty winds and any fire can easily get out of control.

"It happened a couple weeks ago, a guy burning a control burn in the county. With the winds like they were today, windy and it got out of control and burned about five acres before we got it under control," says Geilhausen.

Despite the rain we got recently, the strong winds increase the rate at which the water evaporates off the grass. So the grass dries out a lot faster.

The National Weather Service has issued a fire weather watch for the Oklahoma counties in Texoma for Tuesday.

"Everything is extremely dry and with the wind, if there is any fire it spreads it real quick," says Geilhausen.