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Fire Near Tom Bean Damages Home With Wood-Burning Fireplace


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A fire started in a fireplace near Tom Bean this morning ended up heavily damaging a home, and the residents say it all happened fast.

From the outside you might not realize just how much the fire took from family of three.

"I walked from back there, heard cats and dog barking, and just thought I heard a weird noise and just proceeded in here," says fire victim Lynn Dodd.

It started around 10 a.m. on Sunday in the 8000 block of Highway 11, just west of Tom Bean. "There's no heat in the house," says assistant county fire marshal David Gallagher. "They used the fireplace for heat and they had just re-lit the fire and it started somewhere around there."

Gallagher says the fire spread from the double wide trailer's pre-installed fireplace  that was being used for a fire at the time.

"Just a lot of smoke coming from everywhere, from the windows and the roof," says neighbor Sara McCarty.

The fire did not destroy the home altogether, but it damaged many of the rooms and belongings. Now the couple who lives here is left wondering about what to do next.

"We're just gonna stick together and be a family and be strong, and it always could have been worse," says Dodd.

"It was pretty scary. We got dressed just in case the wind picked the fire up, but it was good. The fire departments responded pretty quickly," says McCarty.

Dodd says their 13-year-old daughter was staying with relatives while they fix up her room when the fire happened.

"I'm not quite sure exactly how it started and got out of the fireplace itself and caught the rest of the house on fire," says Gallagher.

"You just never realize it can happen to you and it can happen fast, because it happened really fast and as long as we've got each other and God, we'll make it through," says McCarty.

Gallagher says the fire was unattended and there was no screen in front of it, so it's likely that some embers got out of the fireplace.