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Dickson Schools Integrates Skating Into Curriculum


DICKSON, OK -- Instead of making a trip to the skating rink, a Dickson public school is bringing the rink to the classroom.

Instead of dodgeball or basketball, 2nd graders laced up a pair of roller skates to their feet and made laps around the gym to learn about balance and confidence.

PE teacher Kim Bayliffe says the students rent the skates from a company called Skate Time School Programs.

Bayliffe says Dickson is one of the few school systems in the area to incorporate roller skating into their curriculum, which the students seem to enjoy.

"I like coming to gym class and then putting my skates on and then just skating around the gym," said Emma Bean, a 2nd grader.

"Well a lot of fun stuff, and I'm just skating around," said Jaiden Jlick, another 2nd grader.

Bayliffe says she has been integrating skating into teaching for 25 years.