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While Authorities Still Investigate, Haynes' Family Members Speak Out


ARDMORE, OK -- It's been nearly 6 months since a Carter County teen and her adult friend disappeared in Love County.

After a pair of arrests related to the last know sighting of the couple, the family of the missing man is still looking for answers.

Earlier this week, two people appeared in the Carter County courthouse.

Police say one was the last person seen with 17-year old Molly Miller and 22-year old Colt Haynes.

The other owned the car they were in during a police chase.

"We're just ready to get answers we want the people to know what happened to come forward," said Monique Stewart, Colt's sister.

While Sabrina Graham and James Conn Nipp offered no comment on the whereabouts of Colt and Molly, friends and family of Haynes say they are closer to getting answers.

"There's finally answers, we're finally finding out their timeline for that night and there's still a lot of pieces missing of it," said Christie Ramon. "But we're getting there."

Oklahoma Highway Patrol is still investigating their disappearance.

Troopers say they are investigating several other cases in the Love County area where Molly Miller and Colt Haynes disappeared. But the results of those investigations are still two to three months away.

Troopers say the investigation includes a pursuit case and three separate cases of stolen vehicles.

"It's going to probably take us two to three more months to complete all four investigations," said Trooper Brian Quinn. "We have interviews to conduct, more evidence to collect."

Quinn says more arrests on the charges of stolen property and eluding a police officer are possible.

For the Haynes family, while answers may be a few months away, they would like those who know what happened to come forward.

"Save us any more heartache and pain and frustration and just tell us what we need to know so we can bring them home," said Stewart.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance, you're urged to contact OHP.