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Ada Propane Distributors Say the State Has Plenty, Despite State of Emergency


ADA, OK--A state of emergency was ordered in Oklahoma this week saying there is a propane shortage throughout the state. Local distributors, however, say they disagree.

Just this Tuesday, Gov. Mary Fallin issued a state of emergency order declaring a propane shortage throughout Oklahoma.

According to Fallin's order, there are about 400,000 propane consumers in Oklahoma-- 1,100 of those are serviced by Kenny's Propane in Pontotoc County.

Owner Kenny Fortner and other local distributors, however, say they disagree. They say the state has plenty of the fuel.

"There is no shortage of propane," said Fortner. "It's cold weather, people use more of it. Like I said, there's lots of propane around in storages, it's just a transportation issue."

Paul Fortner said: "I don't think there's any shortage of propane. Might have to go a little further to get it sometimes, but we have transport and we don't have any problem getting it loaded."

Under the recent order, truck drivers are now allowed to drive longer hours when transporting propane. It also temporarily waives out-of-state licensing regulations.

"I believe you could drive 11 hours and be off for 10," said Kenny Fortner. "The way I understand it now, you're exempt."

All the propane distributors we spoke with in Pontotoc County agreed that there hasn't been a shortage in the area. However, local business owners say they were worried by the state of emergency notice.

Jan Manuel, owner of Latta Floral and Garden, said: "Personally, because we have propane at our house and we have propane at our business, I thought 'I wonder how much propane we've got left?' because that's the only way we heat our home."

Kenny Fortner says the emergency has been good for business, but expects it to be lifted soon.

"It sure ought to," he said. "Warm weather, going to be 65 Sunday, so it'll change."

Fortner says he's had several calls from worried customers about the local propane supply. He says he is assuring consumers that it is readily available to them.