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After Fire Destroys Ardmore Home, Thieves Take What's Left


ARDMORE, OK -- An Ardmore family whose house was destroyed by fire last month says someone is stealing what little property they have left.     

They say someone has been taking their stuff in the middle of the night. The homeowners are trying to help police catch the people responsible.

When Bob and Connie Caldwell lost their house in a fire on December 7, they thought it couldn't get any worse. But they were devastated when they learned someone was taking stuff from their backyard in the middle of the night

"It tore my heart out," said Bob. "You can only stomp a man so much."

"It's just horrible, sick you know?" said Connie "It's my home, I love it here and we just lost everything."

"What we did have left they just came in and took it," said Bob. "They just jumped on me when I was down, that's the way I feel."

When they realized what was happening, the Caldwells rigged a camera to a tree hoping to see who was stealing from them.

They were able to capture some photos and passed them along to Ardmore police.

"We actually have two open cases, one of those cases, we've identified a suspect," said Sgt. Ryan Hunnicutt. "We're in the process of trying to locate that suspect. We have been able to search the suspect's home and not recover any of their property."

The Caldwells say the thieves made off with a grill, patio furniture, fishing equipment, camping stoves, and some pottery.

"Without permission from the property owners it's absolutely still theft," said Hunnicutt.

After the Caldwells learned that people were taking stuff from their backward, they tried to erect a makeshift barricade, but that didn't deter the thieves from coming back and taking more.

"There was no way to keep them out," said Connie.

With crews cleaning up the remnants of their old home, the Caldwells are looking to rebuild for the future.

"That's the main thing on my mind, just getting back home," said Bob. "And we will get back."

The Caldwells are currently staying at a hotel in Ardmore, but say they plan to build a new home where their old house stood and have it completed in six to eight months.