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Cooke Co. Fire Leaves Six People Without A Home


COOKE COUNTY, TX -- A fire in Cooke County leaves six people without a home tonight.

It happened around 6 p.m. on Highway 82, just west of the Grayson County line. Light rain made it cool for the firefighters, but didn't do much to stop the flames.

Firefighters and the homeowner say they believe it all  started in an exhaust fan in the laundry area.

"I tried to put it out by myself, I really did, got everybody else out of the house and I tried to put water on it, blankets, it just wasn't stopping," says fire victim Jewel Stafford.

"At this time, the residents informed us that they believe it was an exhaust fan in one of the bedrooms and fire units responded very quickly," says Cooke County Fire Marshal Ray Fletcher.

Oak Ridge, Whitesboro, Callisburg, and Gainesville firefighters all responded. There is heavy damage, and the couple, daughter, and three grandchildren will not be able to stay there tonight.