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James Conn Nipp Appears In Court


ARDMORE, OK -- A man police say may be connected to the disappearance of a missing Wilson teen and an adult friend was in court Wednesday.    

James Conn Nipp is charged with eluding police officers during a high speed chase that happened back in July.

22-year old James Conn Nipp made his initial appearance before a judge Wednesday afternoon.     

Prosecutors say he violated his parole when he was charged with eluding police during a high speed chase that happened back in July.     

Police believe 17-year old Molly Miller and 21-year old Colt Haynes were also in the vehicle during the chase.   

They haven't been seen since.     

Several of Miller's family members showed up at the courthouse hoping to hear Nipp speak.

"I pray that when Conn sees my face, that God puts it on his heart to come forward with the truth with what happened to Molly," said Garrett Lambert, Molly's brother.   

Family members say there's evidence that Miller and Haynes were with Nipp after the police chase.

"There is information that they were still together after the police chase," said Paula Fielder, Molly's cousin. "It's just a matter of time before all that information comes out. He just needs to tell us where she's at."

"There's no doubt that he knows," said Lambert. "I believe that he knows."

Nipp bonded out of the felony driving charge on Tuesday.

He left the courtroom in handcuffs Wednesday because that charge violated a probation on a previous drug charge.

Nipp had no comment.

Within an hour of leaving the Carter County courthouse and being booked back into the Carter County jail, Nipp was out of custody again after posting a $5,000 bond.

While the prayers of Miller's family went unanswered, they say seeing Nipp in court was a step forward.

"We're going to be here until the end," said Fielder. "Until Molly is found. And he just needs to tell us, because it's not going away."

"Working together is paying off, we're getting somewhere," said Lambert. "There's some kind of, not satisfaction, but we can hold our dignity, hold our heads high that we're getting somewhere."

Nipp is scheduled to appear in court for the drug charge on January 22 at 1:30 PM.

He is expected before the judge again for the endangering others while eluding an officer charge on February 18 at 9 AM.