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Howe residents displaced by sewage back-up return home


HOWE -- Jan Posey is finally home after spending the past week and a half at a hotel.

She was forced out of her home after sewage began backing up in her duplex on Farmington Road in Howe.

"It was very gross," she said. "It was very nasty."

The floors had to be replaced and Posey says her rugs were damaged. But it could've been much worse.

"My neighbors got in here and put my furniture and everything up and got them up on blocks and that's the only thing that saved my stuff," Posey said.

It is the second time there's been a sewage back-up in the neighborhood in two years.

"We had a lift station that clogged up and flooded several homes with raw sewage," Howe Mayor Jeff Stanley said.

This time, Stanley says a bunch of rags clogged a mechanical system near the duplex that helps flush sewage down the line.

Tuesday night, Howe's city council discussed a long-term plan to repair the line for good.

"It will take out the lift station completely, we won't have that anymore. It'll be just gravity lines. This gravity line will be 25-30 foot in the ground," Stanley said.

The project will cost between $250,000 and $350,000.

It'll take about a year to complete.

Howe's city council will vote on the plan later this month.

That's good news for neighbors, like Posey, who says this has been "a total nightmare," she's happy is over.

"If the city does their part now we can all live happily ever after," she said.

The city covered the cost of the hotel stay.

Residents could be reimbursed for damaged items but the mayor says it won't know for sure until its insurance claim is processed.