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Man Connected With Molly Miller Disappearance Taken Into Custody


CARTER COUNTY, OK -- A man wanted in connection with a missing Wilson teenager was in custody Tuesday afternoon.               

Police say the man is the last known person seen with 17-year old Molly Miller and an adult friend before the pair disappeared.

"I went to go to his Grandpa's house and he'd meet me there," said Love County Sheriff Joe Russell. "He turned himself in, I pulled up, him and his dad came out. I got out and put cuffs on him. He got in my pickup and we went to Ardmore."    

A Love County man connected to the disappearance of two people turned himself in Tuesday afternoon.     

James Conn Nipp was arrested on charges of endangering others while eluding a police officer.      

Love County sheriff Joe Russell, who is a relative of Nipp's, turned him in.

Police say Nipp led Wilson police officers on a high speed chase through Carter and Love counties in July.     

Investigators and family members of Miller believe she and 21-year old Colt Haynes were inside the vehicle during the chase.

"I do believe he [Conn] was involved with her disappearance," said Alex Miller, Molly's Grandfather.

Despite an exhaustive search by several law enforcement agencies, the two haven't been seen since.     

On Monday, Oklahoma Highway Patrol announced if Nipp didn't turn himself in they would hand the search over to the U.S. Marshal's office.     

Russell says Nipp surrendered to him at a relative's home on Long Hollow road in Love County,  and was taken to the Carter County jail.     

Authorities say they'll continue their investigation into the disappearance.           

Miller's family says they're hopeful that they may soon find out what happed to her

"I was real relieved," said Misty Miller, Molly's cousin. "I'm glad that they finally got him. Maybe now he'll start talking and let us know what happened that night and what happened to Colt and Molly."

"In my way of thinking, they know. He knows," said Alex. "We'll just have to wait and see how the courts handle it."

Nipp was released Tuesday afternoon after posting a $10,000 bond.

He is expected to be in court Wednesday for an initial appearance at 1:30 PM.