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Fannin County is Updating Hazard Mitigation Plan


BONHAM -- Fannin county is updating their hazard mitigation plan.

A public meeting was held at the Darrell Hall Education Center in Bonham inviting school districts, city managers, and other members of the public to come and give their opinion on how to best prepare for an emergency, such as a tornado or an ice storm.

"We do a systematic threat assessment of any of the hazards that we might face here in Fannin county. Once you've done then we look at what we can do to mitigate that those hazards is there anything we could do. You can't stop a tornado but could we install a safe room or storm shelters," says Fannin county, Emergency Manager Darrell Brewer.

The state of Texas rewards counties with an approve migitation plan by opening up more grants. In turn that money can go towards making the county better prepared for an emergency.