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People in Denison Neighborhood Relieved after City Council Meeting


DENISON -- People in one Denison neighborhood are relieved after the city council voted to deny tax credits for a proposed apartment complex.

Neighbors have been voicing their concern to a 150-unit apartment complex near the intersection of Crawford street and highway 75 in Denison since it was first proposed.      

Many of the people who live in the area went before the city council in December to voice their concern.    

Monday night, council members voted unanimously not to support the tax credit program which would have helped the developer build the apartments.

"I think what happened with that proposition last night was that the council listened to the community. Local government is the level where citizens have the most influence and the most control and I think what you saw last night was a product of that. I think you've got to realize that government worked last night in Denison, Texas," says City Manager, Robert Hanna.

Council members say they rejected the proposal mainly to support the wishes of the people who live in the area.