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Denison City Council Approves Annexation


DENISON -- A new development under construction in Grayson County is now inside Denison city limits.

Council members agreed Monday night to the annexation of the area at the intersection of highway 75 and 691 adjacent to Texoma Medical Center.    

Developer Tom Johnson plans to setup the area for housing, restaurants and businesses around the Hilton hotel and conference center already in the process of being built.

"If we are going to have development it needs to be within the city of Denison. And it's a mutual agreement between the developer and the community to do that. They benefit from some tax financing they can use for infrastructure and in long term the community is going to benefit from the new investment and the jobs that are created out there," says Tony Kaai from the Denison Development Alliance.

City leaders say the next step will be recruiting restaurants and businesses to the area.