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Frozen Pipes Have Caused Many Headaches


TEXOMA -- Frozen pipes are causing headaches for people in Texoma.  Plumbers we talked to say they've been swamped all day long with service calls.

Danny Allen was one of many who woke up Monday to something he was not prepared for.

"Woke up to find that the water didn't work anywhere in the house so obviously it was froze up."

Allen says he had to take a shower at another family member's house before he left for work and says he had to go without his morning coffee.

"I believe the freezing point I had was where the line comes out of the ground into the house."

And Allen wasn't the only one waking up to frozen water pipes. A plumbing service in Denison said they were quite busy Monday morning.

"Oh man its been crazy. We have had a number of calls from people with frozen pipes," says Jim Crawley the Service Manager at Allen's Plumbing in Denison.

Vernon's plumbing in Ardmore said they too were swapped with calls.

Plumbers expect even more calls when temperatures get above freezing. That is when some people realize their pipes busted and are leaking water.

"People need to watch out if they hear anything running in the walls then they need to call someone and turn the water off. Make sure you turn the water off so it doesn't make a mess," says Crawley.

Home Depot in Sherman says customers have been buying the water pipe insulation but that many have already paid the price for not being prepared.

"People not only have they been preparing but there have been folks who are already dealing with those breaks and have had to repair them," says Sam Harston, one of the Assistant Store Managers.

Allen says next time he'll be more prepared.

"Keep faucets dripping or running very lightly and that will allow the water to run without freezing up I hope and I may look into putting a heating system under the house on the water lines too."


Plumbers say to

1. Insulate all outdoor pipes and outdoor water faucets. You can buy pipe insulation and water faucet covers at any home improvement store.
2. Disconnect water hoses that are connected to outdoor water faucets or they could freeze and bust.
3. Indoors you can leave your water faucet dripping to keep a slow steady water flow to not freeze.
4. Also you can open cabinet doors inside to allow heat to circulate to pipes under your sink.