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Auction Held At Denison Home Currently Up For Sale


DENISON, TX -- A couple dozen people were checking out rugs during an auction held inside an upscale house that is up for sale.

It was held Sunday afternoon and Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m. inside a home on F.M. 120 west of town that is currently up for sale.

The auctioneer from Houston says he works with real estate companies all around Texas and brings in furniture and other items for the auction.

"We take sealed bidding on the house and word of mouth is what sells the house, so it's a way for you to separate your house from everything else on the MLS," says auctioneer Jonathan Taibel from Global Liquidators. "It brings more people to your house than a normal open house would bring."

Taibel says that this is a way to stage your home and get more potential buyers in to see it. People could also put colored dots on the items set up throughout the home and have them brought out for bidding.