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Frigid Air Blankets Texoma And Drops Temperatures Significantly


SHERMAN, TX -- From sixties to thirties!  The frigid air from up north left some people with a surprise when they walked out the door.

The sharp drop in temperatures on Sunday, when compared with Saturday, had many Texomans bundling up.

"It is very cold!" said one shopper. "I want to be in my house watching movies under the blanket."

Shoppers at Sherman Town Center were wearing hats and winter jackets on their way into the stores on Sunday.

"It's really cold. I'm ready for the wind to stop!" says one shopper. The sun's warmth made it feel a little better in the afternoon.  Some people were wearing extra layers to try to stay warm, but others braved the cold without them.

If you're in need of shelter from the upcoming winter weather, the Salvation Army on Texoma Parkway can house people in their dining room. They also have 18 regular beds for men, 8 for women, and one family room.

"We have more people coming in and staying with us at our shelter but also we are a warming station, so if it gets really cold people can come in and stay here if something happens to their electricity or anything like that," says Major Helene Wildish.

Wildish says they will also provide blankets and food for anyone in need. "They can come here and we can give them blankets and pillows to help rest," says Wildish.

We found plenty of people venturing outside without wearing a hat, but with temperatures expected to drop into the teens the next couple nights, it's something that might come in handy.

Due to the ice storm, Wildish says the Salvation Army was not able to ring bells for a few days, so they are running short on funds this year and are seeking donations.