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Livestock Show Near Denison Helps Fight Multiple Sclerosis


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A livestock show is raising funds to fight a chronic disease that is estimated to affect more than two million people worldwide.

For the second year, a livestock show at Loy Lake Park brought in cattle and those trying to fight multiple sclerosis, an unpredictable disease where the immune system attacks healthy tissue.

"My mother-in law who lives there close to us in Paradise, she has M.S. also, so we came out for a cattle show and to support those with M.S.," says Ricky Buyers of Paradise, TX.

"I'm just really close to my heifers, they're like my best friends so I'm just really passionate about it and stuff. It's my thing," says Heather Brown of Era, TX.

Sherman resident Heather Emrick Beaver says her dad suffered from M.S. and died after developing pneumonia. "He was diagnosed in 1990 and lived with it for about 22 years," says Emrick Beaver. "His health was a steady decline while I was growing up. He was able to walk and then he used a walker, progressively got to a wheelchair, and right before he passed he was living in a nursing home."

The organizer of the event says he attended many livestock shows while growing up in Wisconsin and he wanted to do something combining his love of animals and his desire to find a cure for M.S.

"I got to thinking, well I would do a benefit show someday and then a friend said, 'Why someday? Why not now?'" says Richardson resident Jim Riley of Riley Round Up For MS.

Riley says he sometimes wears a device that uses a sensor to help shock him into walking better. "I got really bad and I got to where I had problems walking. I'm not able to work, however with new medications and with something like this event, this is why I get up," says Riley.

"It was a very sad time in all of our lives, but at the same time I feel like I have this story for a reason, so I do events such as this to share my story and help inspire others and help fundraise so that there will be a cure one day," says Emrick Beaver.

The event was re-scheduled from December due to the ice storm and was held at a different barn from the Whitewright FFA Winter Classic Jackpot Pig Show, which also took place Saturday. Riley says last year's event raised $8,500 for the National M.S. Society and he's expecting to make a similar donation this year.

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