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New Chief, New Sheriff On Duty


ARDMORE, OK -- There's been a changing of the guard in Carter County, both at the Ardmore police department and the sheriff's office.  

It was a packed courtroom as the new sheriff in town was sworn in.

"It's very, very overwhelming to see this support for me," said Sheriff Milton Anthony.

The new Carter County sheriff, Milton Anthony, officially took over on new year's day, after former sheriff Ken Grace accepted the position of Ardmore police chief.

Over the past five years, the city of Ardmore has had several police chiefs the latest being Keith Mann who resigned in June.

Grace says he hopes to break that trend.

"The tenure on the past chiefs hasn't been, I think it's been about two and a half years," said Grace. "Certainly we're due to have someone stay a longer period of time which is what I hope to do."

Chief Grace and Sheriff Anthony say they want their agencies to be more open to citizens. Both also say they want to continue the working relationship between the police department and the sheriff's office which are right across the street from each other.

"We're across the street from each other and everyone knows everybody so we're going to promote that getting along and working together, both of us are," said Grace. "I think it'll be healthy for both departments and all the citizens also."

Sheriff Anthony agrees with Grace, and hopes both will serve in their respective positions for the long term.

"I think Ken will be at the police chief position in Ardmore for as long as he wants to be and I hope that's the same with me at the sheriff's office," said Anthony.

Anthony says commissioners appointed him to the position on Monday.

The new sheriff says he intends to run in an election for the sheriff position when it comes up later in the year.