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Afternoon Fire Destroys Home Near Collinsville


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A Texoma couple is keeping their spirits up tonight even after fire destroyed their home.

A resident who tells us he has no insurance greeted firefighters at his gate on Friday afternoon. Bringing water with them into the property, they got the fire out, but the home was lost.

James Dolezalek says he was inside his house and realized something wasn't right when his TV went out.

"I opened the door and looked on the front porch and it was on fire, so I went back in the house and around it to hook up a water hose. By then it was too big and I couldn't do nothing with it," says Dolezalek.

Firefighters went to Jenkins Road, east of Collinsville, around 1:30 p.m. on Friday and found a trailer, along with the new addition behind it, was burning.

"It was pretty much fully involved. By the time we got here, we put a second alarm on it and got all the neighboring departments to come in," says Collinsville firefighter Michael Hernandez.

"It looks bad," says friend Bobby King.

When the fire started, Dolezalek's wife says she was shopping in Sherman. She hurried back home, and says she is most upset about losing pictures and collectibles from Germany where she was born.

"At least my husband is okay. That's my biggest worry. I haven't seen my dog yet, but they say he's alright. I guess I can feel blessed at least we are okay," says resident Heidi Dolezalek.

When the fire trucks run low on water, they went out to a fire hydrant a couple miles away on F.M. 902 and filled up. Then they set up a dump tank to help fight the fire.

"That holds approximately 2,500 to 3,000 gallons on the ground and we use that as basically a swimming pool where we send shuttles out and they hook up to the hydrant and come back and give us water," says Hernandez.

As they struggled to cope with the loss of their home of 17 years, the couple still managed to keep smiling. "'Tis but a mere flesh wound. We'll have it back going in no time," says James Dolezalek.

"I guess 2014 is a heck of a start, but maybe this year is gonna be better now," says Heidi Dolezalek.

Hernandez says they did find the dog. The homeowner says he believes an electric blanket on the porch that they used to keep the dog warm may have started the fire. The Grayson County fire marshal is investigating.