Sooner fans in Texoma celebrate after Sugar Bowl win over 'Bama - - No One Gets You Closer

Sooner fans in Texoma celebrate after Sugar Bowl win over 'Bama


DURANT -- Christmas and News Years may have come and gone, but now University of Oklahoma fans have a new reason to celebrate.

The Sooners are bringing home the trophy after an edge-of-your seat win over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl last night.

It seemed only the OU faithful expected it to happen. But despite being a 14-point underdog, those same Sooner fans can now say, "I told you so."

The crimson and cream rolled over the crimson tide in a thrilling fourth quarter defeat in the Superdome.

Today, countless OU fans in Durant proudly showed off their team's colors.

"Its an everyday thing, we always have Sooners stuff on. We stand behind them whether they lose or win," Misty Hunter said.

The final score -- 45 to 31 -- was already written by the cash register at Billy Sims Bar-be-cue in Durant, a restaurant chain founded by the former OU player who won the Heisman trophy in 1978.

After several average seasons, store owner David Prince says taking down the two-time defending champion was the bread and butter for longtime fans, like him.

"It's like icing on the cake. It's really nice for OU to end their season. A lot of people didn't give OU an opportunity to win the ball game but if you're a true blue Sooner fan, they always find a way to win," Prince said.

"They got you sitting on the edge of your seat almost the whole entire game and they ended up pulling it out. I was excited," Robin Swan said.

But, OU isn't the only team plastered across shirts and hats in Texoma today.

OSU and Missouri fans headed to Arlington for Friday night's Cotton Bowl hope their teams take a similar path as the Sooners.

Missouri is favored to win the game by one point.

But so-called "experts" also said Alabama would win by two touchdowns.

Coincidentally, that's how much OU beat Alabama by.

Now, some Sooner fans have this tip for critics.

"They always put the ACC and SEC together and say they dominate. Hey, look at the BIG 12 the PAC 10. I think … it depends on how you recruit and who you recruit," Prince said.