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Towing Company Near Van Alstyne Tries To Stop Fatal Wrecks


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Some tow truck drivers near Van Alstyne rang in the new year by helping dozens of people make it home alive.

We spoke with two men who've each spent more than six years dealing with what happens after people get into car crashes. Now they've come up with a way to try to prevent some of those wrecks before they happen.

After opening a towing and repair shop near Van Alstyne seven years ago, Larry Adams soon got a crash course in the dangers on the road. "Fatality wrecks, DWIs, we've seen more than our share," says Adams.

"It's not good to see cars that are messed up because most of the time there's people involved," says shop employee Coby Wilson.

Several times each year, Adams Automotive and Towing is trying to cut down on the problem by towing drunk drivers home for free, and their latest effort just wrapped up.

"We did 37 in the last two days which makes us feel real good because it just goes up more and more each year, so we at least got 37 people home safe and sound," says Adams.

On New Year's, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas, they've now done the Holiday Haul for five years and they say they've been able to help hundreds of drivers over that time.

"Most of the time, the people are pretty drunk and they somehow made the smart decision and called for some help," says Wilson.

"They're very thankful. Some of them are more intoxicated than others and you know, we're not their to assume how intoxicated they are or how they're not, if they call for a ride we're going to be able to get them taken care of," says Adams.

On Dec. 31, OHP troopers out of Durant say they made 5 DUI arrests, 3 other arrests, and made about 300 stops in several counties.

For these tow truck operators, responding to accidents becomes a routine, but the human toll is hard to ignore.

"It's not hard to go to them just because I would like to help out as much as possible. It's just I would rather not see them at all, but there's always gonna be drunk drivers and people texting on their phones," says Wilson.

Adams says his shop has been doing well, and they're even doing some construction to expand. They hope to be helping people ring in the new year safely for many years to come.