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New Year, New Chief, New Sheriff


ARDMORE, OK -- 2014 has brought some big changes to some law enforcement agencies in Carter County. 

Former Carter County sheriff Ken Grace became the newest chief of police in Ardmore on New Year's Day.

With Grace accepting the position of chief at the police department, that left a vacancy at the  position of sheriff.

When the clock struck midnight, Undersheriff Milton Anthony was promoted to sheriff of Carter County.

Chief Grace says he looks forward to continuing to work with Anthony.

"I think it's a big plus for both of us," said Grace. "Sheriff Anthony he retired from the Ardmore police department when I hired him for my undersheriff over there. So you know, if we both work it right we can compliment each other and I think that's the way it's going be and that's the direction he and I are both working for."

A ceremony is scheduled for the newly appointed Sheriff Anthony Friday, January 3 at 11 AM.