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New Executive Director Begins At HFV WIlson Center


ARDMORE, OK -- After the previous executive director was terminated for embezzling funds, the HFV Wilson Community Center in Ardmore welcomes one of their own to the position.

For Alicia Gilmartin, the news came as a complete surprise.

"I was like oh my goodness, I was in shock, it was really great," said Gilmartin.

The former program director, who has been with the HFV Wilson Community Center since October 2012, rang in the new year with a promotion to executive director.

"I've been here for a year," said Gilmartin. "I know the programming. The financial side is going to be what I do the most training on."

Director Kevin Boatright of Ardmore Parks and Recreation, the department that oversees the center, says the position plays a big part to community members.

"With all of the community that is impacted by the service provided at the center, it's a very important job," said Boatright.

Gilmartin says the biggest challenge she's had so far, is handling the responsibilities of two positions.

"If there is a negative, I guess that's it," said Boatright. "Now with her moving up, now we have another vacancy at program coordinator."

Boatright says his department has already received several applications for the position.

"Now with the vacancy at program coordinator she is kind of wearing both hats," said Boatright.

A task Gilmartin says she is glad to take up, while she continues her training with the help of Parks and Recreation Assistant director Teresa Ervin.

Gilmartin says she will continue to be involved, but when the program position is filled, she will turn over responsibility to them.

"I will still be very hands on but I have to put that control into my programmer," said Gilmartin.

Boatright says the deadline to turn in applications for the program coordinator position is January 17.