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Firefighters Battle Stubborn Brush Fire In Johnston County


JOHNSTON COUNTY, OK -- For a second day, volunteer firefighters battled a brush fire near Coleman, and tonight's weather was a concern.

Firefighters went to a property on Grassy Creek Road around 3 p.m. to try to put out acres of burning brush.

"Yesterday we had a controlled burn. It got out so we'd come out yesterday evening and then was back again last night back out here this evening, it broke loose again," says Coleman firefighter Capt. Jackie Lewis.

"Just a lot of brush, you can't get a tractor in," says Hopewell firefighter John Hobbs.

Firefighters stayed there for most of the evening, driving back into the woods to battle the blaze. "I just came in and it was burning here behind my house and I think that they've got it contained on the north end, but they're worried about the winds switching toward the north and coming toward our houses here," says resident Ronald Needham. "They'll take care of it."

One of the firefighters from Hopewell brought in a bulldozer and they were hoping to plow a line and create a fire break to stop the fire from spreading.

"I think it was pretty contained yesterday but here today I don't know if it just was kind of smoldering and it started back up again or what, but I just wanted to come down and see if there was anything I could do," says neighbor Jackson Montgomery.

Firefighters say the brush fire was not near any structures, but they were paying close attention to the forecast using scanners after hearing winds were set to pick up. They were afraid the flames could get out of control again.

"We're just waiting for the wind shift so we can see where the fire's gonna go once the wind does shift," says Hobbs.

Later Wednesday, firefighters told us that despite the strong winds that blew through, they believe the fire is under control. Coleman, Milburn, Hopewell, and Wilson firefighters responded.