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Safety tips after several deadly motorcycle wrecks in Texoma

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DENISON -- Chad Clark, 37, from Denison died almost instantly when he ran into a pick-up truck near Morton Street and Highway 75 Monday night.

The wreck marks the end of a deadly year for motorcyclists on Texoma roads, particularly in recent months.

Jesse Elliot was killed in October after being hit by a car in Sherman.

Another biker died in August when he lost control on Highway 75. He was not wearing a helmet.

In Texas, wearing a helmet is not required by law. In Oklahoma, riders younger than 18 must wear a helmet. But, longtime biker John Paul says he doesn't leave home without one.

"I have fallen thanks to a truck on a highway and walked away from it because I was wearing the right gear," Paul said.

It's not known whether a helmet would have made a difference in Monday's deadly wreck. The cause of the accident has not been determined but police say the driver was not wearing a helmet.

After buying a new helmet and other protection, beginning biker Lycia Lee says it's other drivers that worry her most.

"As a matter of fact, when you talk to other bikers, they'll tell you that's they're biggest concern," Lee said.

Robyn Mathews teaches a motor-clothes safety course at Texoma Harley Davidson in Sherman.

Mathews recommends replacing your helmet every three years. She also says riders should look for a helmet with a "DOT" sticker on it which means it's been tested and meets Department of Transportation standards.

"Sometimes an inexpensive item can make all the different in the world and the outcome of your accident and the injuries you sustain," Mathews said.

Mathews says she teaches motorcyclists to always put on a helmet because, at a moments notice, not wearing one could become a grave mistake.

Mathews also reminds drivers of passenger vehicles to look for motorcyclists, and give them plenty of space on the roads in case of a fall.