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Two Arrested In Meth Bust Near Choctaw Co. School


FORT TOWSON, OK -- Deputies arrest two people during a meth bust just down the street from a Choctaw County school.

Deputies say a two-month investigation including an informant's purchase of drugs led them to a home in Fort Towson.

"As we were approaching the front door, he opened it so he kind of had that look on his face, and they told him to get on the ground," says Chief Deputy Larry Hendrix.

Deputies and Hugo police arrested Rodney Harty, 36, and Natasha Kinslow, 28, on drug charges around 1 p.m. on Saturday after serving warrants at Red and Cincinnati, just down the street from Fort Towson Schools.

They say they found "ice" methamphetamine, a crystal substance that looks like rock salt, along with marijuana and two guns.

"In the state of Oklahoma, to reach trafficking, you have to have 20 grams and he had 24," says Hendrix. "We had one that we did previously in the year that we got 42 grams on, but yeah that's a pretty large quantity."

Hendrix says some of the evidence they recovered inside the home strengthens their belief that the two suspects may have had drug connections south of the border.

"He had Mexican cigarettes, books about learning Spanish and stuff, so we believe that he might have been getting his narcotics from Mexico," says Hendrix.

Deputies say Harty may have delivered drugs as far away as Tennessee, but that often people would come to him to get their fix. "The mainstay of our narcotics problem here is methamphetamine, and pills," says Hendrix.

Both suspects face charges including possessing meth within 2,000 feet of a school. Their bond has not yet been set and they're expected to go before a judge next week.