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Protesters In Sherman Hold Signs Calling For President's Impeachment


SHERMAN, TX -- Several protesters upset with the government braved the breeze to show their displeasure with President Obama.

For the second time in two months, the Texoma Patriots took part in a national movement that asks the president be impeached. They held signs on the Taylor Street overpass of Highway 75 for about an hour around 11 a.m. on Saturday.

Organizers including a Van Alstyne council member say there have been too many scandals this year, like gathering information on Tea Party members.

"Obamacare, there's been the Benghazi situation where we still haven't gotten to the bottom of who killed our four people, the TSA, the NSA, just all these different things where we're losing our freedoms and we don't want that," says Kaaren Teuber from the Texoma Patriots.

They got some supportive honks and waves. The group meets twice a month at either Buck Snort BBQ in Van Alstyne or the Grayson County Courthouse.