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Golf Outing Near Denison To Help 4-Year-Old Cancer Patient


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Golfers hit the fairways near Denison to help a 4-year-old with cancer.

About a dozen friends of a 4-year-old Pottsboro girl fighting cancer after having a brain tumor removed got together for a golf benefit at the Denison Golf and Country Club on Saturday morning.

"It's coming up on eight months now, and it's just a daily battle," says Scooter Hempkins, who helped organize the golf outing.

Diagnosed in June with medulloblastoma, Brooke Staley had part of her skull removed to get at tumor that grew to about the size of a fist at the base of her brain.

The cancer spread down her spine. Recently she's been having movement problems called "ataxia" and going to therapy.

"We take her to P.T. and O.T. twice a week and she has come a long way and hopefully she'll be walking soon without a walker," says Johnny White, the boyfriend of Staley's mom.

Friends say Brooke, who will turn five on Monday, seems to be doing better than right after a major surgery she had this summer. She continues to travel to Dallas regularly for treatments.

"We do chemo once a month and then if she comes down with anything we have to get her up there, fever or anything," says White.

It's possible to survive the type of tumor Brooke had, but right now the prognosis is uncertain. Friends hope to learn more after an MRI screening next Friday.

Brooke stayed home and her mom says she is prone to infection because of where she is in her chemo cycle so KTEN was not able to visit with her on Saturday.

In the meantime, they're doing what they can. Hempkins says the golf outing, along with some supporters who did not actually play, raised more than $5,000 to help the family with expenses.

"Trips to Children's Hospital and back every week, once or twice a week sometimes," says Hempkins. "She's a trouper and I don't think I'm strong enough to go through what she's going through and she's a 40-pound little girl."

"She's coming a long way from where she began and I'm very proud of her," says White.