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Hugo Family's Christmas Ruined By Alleged Teenage Thieves


HUGO, OK -- Police in Choctaw County make two arrests after finding stolen property at the scene of a second attempted break-in.

Police believe teenagers are behind the crimes. For one couple celebrating their first Christmas married, it's turned what was supposed to be a joyous holiday week into a nightmare.

Vernon Mayo-Kelso and his wife Lisa came home on Christmas Eve around 9 p.m. to find something didn't seem right.

"We saw like a little action figure on the step, which meant you know that someone must have been in here, and we just opened the door and it was unlocked and our hearts just sank," says Vernon Mayo-Kelso.

It was a familiar feeling because their home on South F Street has already been broken into a few times in the past two years.

"We've worked so hard to replace all this since the last time and it's just kind of hard to wrap your head around. You don't feel like you ever get ahead," says Lisa Kelso.

Missing were two flat-screen TVs, kids' Playstations, video games, laptops, a rifle, women's clothes, decorative swords, and more.

"It looked as if they honestly didn't go in just to get Christmas presents, they just took basically anything they could pick up and carry," says Hugo police Sgt. Investigator Billy Jenkins.

Police say they believe the thieves may have used a pathway which goes to the apartment complex next door at G Circle, and they found some of the loot stashed out here behind one of the apartments.

"They were trying to break into one and then they went and hid in another where one of them lives," says Jenkins.

That's where police arrested Braddriques Carlisle, 18, of Hugo, and a 17-year-old male also from Hugo around 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

"It's youngsters and they gonnna learn a lesson, the police got to do their job," says James Bills, who is concerned about the break-ins.

Officers are hoping this break will help solve numerous burglaries all around town over the past year.

"I had an attempted break-in here, but my grandpeople, my grandkid was in here so they ran off when they heard it, they ran off," says Bills.

"Not much you probably can do hide your stuff probably," says Johnni Usher, who had electronics stolen recently.

Meantime, the Kelsos' Chihuahua dog Romeo is still missing, possibly spooked by the thieves. "This weather is just... We're just really worried about him," says Lisa Kelso.
Police say the suspects were caught after trying to break into an apartment. Each faces two burglary charges and Carlisle an additional gun charge.

Bond has not yet been set and they're expected to see a judge on Monday.