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Atoka Co. Family Loses Home To Fire On Christmas Morning


ATOKA COUNTY, OK -- A Christmas morning fire leaves several people without a home. By the time anyone got to the house, it was already too late to save it.

The fire broke out very early this morning. In fact, we're told no one was there. It was only some barking that alerted anyone to the house that was burning on a quiet country road.

"It looked like sticks and fire. It was already gone," says fire victim Robert Snow.

Snow says he was at his cousin's house down the road when he got an unexpected wake-up call. "We were sleeping and a neighbor came and banged on the door. He's the one, his dogs were outside raising hell, and he went outside to check it out and he seen the fire from a mile away and came and woke us up and then we came up here," says Snow.

It was dark, but the flames provided enough light for firefighters from Atoka, Bentley, and Tushka who soon showed up to Allison Road, south of Tushka, around 2 a.m.

They worked for hours, but the house was destroyed. When the sun came up, family members got a clearer view of what was left.

"It's devastating. That's the only word I can think of to describe it is devastating," says fire victim Jon Snow. "My little brother and my little sister and my two little cousins, all their Christmas presents were here."

Family members say the couple who owns the house was away visiting relatives in Enid for Christmas and that they plan to come home and survey the damage.

"They're still in shock. I'm sure it'll hit them when they get here and see it, but my uncle didn't even believe it," says Robert Snow.

They are in shock that their home of more than 10 years was destroyed on Christmas morning.

"We all took a big loss on it. We all had stuff here and the kids are the biggest thing though,  they're coming back tomorrow and nothing's here for them," says Jon Snow.

No word yet on what caused this fire. Five people were living there permanently while others also visit. We're told the family will be able to stay with nearby relatives temporarily.