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Ada Man Signs Petition for Neighborhood Safety


ADA, OK--Drivers speeding through a Pontotoc county neighborhood is causing a people who live there to fear for their lives. Now, neighbors are taking matters into their own hands. It's a battle that's been ongoing for a decade.

Jerry Cottrell has lived on Beverly Street in Ada for the past decade. He says overall he's been pleased with the location, but after all these years, one predicament still remains.

"The traffic just keeps getting faster and faster," said Cottrell.

After witnessing the death and destruction of neighborhood pets and mailboxes, Cottrell says his concern has reached a boiling point. And he decided to take matters into his own hands.

"This year it's starting to scare us, we're afraid there's going to be a fatality," said Cottrell. "Somebody's going to get hurt bad. So we're circling the petition asking the city to please do something. Speed bumps, something like that to slow down traffic."

Almost 40 residents on Beverly Street have signed Cottrell's petition asking the city for the implementation of new safety measures.

Despite recent belief that the city doesn't have the current resources for the addition of traffic quieters and three-way stops, Public Works director Carl Allen says that isn't the case.

"Certainly we do," said Allen. "The Traffic and Safety Board will look at everything, we may do a study with some traffic counts and things like that to give us an idea of what kind of traffic we're dealing with."

Allen says fixing the problem shouldn't break the bank.

"Basically it's just some materials, some concrete, shouldn't be super expensive or cost-prohibitive," he said. "Of course, stop signs aren't that expensive either."

Until he sees changes, Cottrell says he will continue fighting for his safety.

"We just view this as another step in the process of trying to get the traffic slowed down," said Cottrell. "We'll keep on, yes we will."

Allen says the traffic on Beverly has been so bad lately because many drivers use it to bypass construction on Arlington. He isn't sure when residents can expect to begin seeing change, but that the project shouldn't take more than a month to complete.