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I-35 Rollover Causes Two Other Accidents


LOVE COUNTY, OKLAHOMA -- I-35 in Love County had to be shut down this afternoon after a rollover caused a series of accidents.

Trooper Brian Quinn says the northbound lanes of the highway were shut down after a man fell asleep at the wheel and rolled his car over into the median near mile marker sixteen.

Minutes later, he says three more cars collided on the northbound side.

Followed later by another collision in the southbound lane.

Troopers say the collisions after the initial accident were caused by drivers taking their eyes off the road to look at the rollover.

"Drivers really need to focus on the traffic in front of them and also to the rear of them need them to focus on what's going on so that way we avoid these secondary collisions like this," said Trooper Brian Quinn.

Trooper Quinn says that the male driver who rolled his vehicle suffered some cuts to his face but is ok. No one else was hurt.