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Elementary School Receives Big Christmas Donation


ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA -- Christmas came early for an Ardmore elementary school this morning.

"I never expected this," said Librarian Michelle McDaniels.

It's safe to say no one expected this.

"I didn't really know," said Principal Kristie Jessop. "I thought maybe we might be getting books."

Teachers and students at Jefferson Elementary were stunned when they opened an early Christmas present that contained a check for 40,000 dollars from Dollar General.

"It's so hard even to imagine," said McDaniels. "That's a lot of money and I never dreamed we would have something like that."

McDaniels and Jessop say students are telling them they are running out of books to read.

"The kids were already telling me we want more of these kind of books," said Jessop.

According to McDaniels' library records, the average copyright age of all the books in the library here is from 1993. Most of the books in the library show signs of 20 years of use.

Now the administration at Jefferson says, the donation by Dollar General will help update the collection.

Students were happy at the prospect of new books that will be hitting the shelves soon.

"I felt happy because we would've had to read all the books again," said Leonardo Banda.

"We get new books, and maybe a little more technology cause its really hard hear to take tests and everything," said Cheyanne Estrada. "It's really fun to go on more adventures in books."

"It means a lot for us," said Jessop. "It's just really exciting."

McDaniels says she hopes for some of the money to go toward new technology like tablet computers and iPads.