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Starbucks considering major changes to Sherman location


SHERMAN -- The largest coffee chain in the world is planning on making some major changes to its busy Sherman location.

The store is a calling for coffee drinkers from miles around because the Starbucks in Sherman on Highways 75 and 82 is one of just a handful of locations in all of Texoma.

The parking lot gets so busy sometimes, the line of cars in the drive-thru backs up onto the 75 frontage road. Many say it makes an already difficult intersection even more tough to navigate.

"This whole intersection right here is always a mess and hard to get through," customer Josh Baker said.

But soon, getting your hands on a cup of joe -- or a macchiato -- may get a little easier.

Wednesday night, the Sherman Planning and Zoning Commission approved a new site plan for the business.

The proposal calls for an expansion into empty lots next to Starbucks and a remodel of the entire building.

One image of the site plan approved by the commission shows the parking lot and the shape of the building are similar to what exists. However, one main difference is two drive-thru windows.

"It would be wonderful. Yay! Do it!" customer Rhonda Driggers said.

Even though some customers were thrilled with the idea, and a site plan has been approved, the expansion is far from a done deal.

In a statement to KTEN, a Starbucks spokesperson said, "No matter where we go, Starbucks is always looking to better meet the needs of its customers and the neighborhood. We are proud to serve the Sherman community and want to offer customers a great experience when they stop by. Much like the community and the City, we are unhappy with the traffic situation at our drive thru in Sherman. We are working hard to try and figure out a good solution, whether that is an expansion or a relocation. At this time, however, we have no more details to offer as we continue exploring our options."

The approved site plan is valid for one year.