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Texoma mother's outrage over daughter's beating goes viral


BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- An alleged assault against a Texoma teenager was recorded on cell phone video and now, the mother of the teen who endured the beating is making a plea for justice.

The two-minute long cell phone video begins with a group of females gathering around a pick-up truck. Hanna Martin, 16, is in the passenger seat.

"Why you don't you want to fight her?" one female outside the truck asks. Martin replies, "'Cause I don't want to."

Twice, you can hear Martin say she doesn't want to fight. At one point, she says she's 'going home,' after spending a sunny July afternoon at Lake Texoma in Bryan County.

About a minute into the video, Martin is pulled out of the truck by her hair, yanked to the ground, held down and punched repeatedly by one of the females while a group watches.

Martin yells at the female to stop. She does, but not before landing another fist to Martin's face and a kick to her right side.

Because the main aggressor in the video is 17-years-old, the Bryan County District Attorney's Office has charged her as a juvenile.

But Martin's mother, Pamela, believes the teen should be charged as an adult and recently took to social media to share her frustration.

Her Facebook post went viral, receiving nearly 135,000 shares, hundreds of comments and views by users worldwide including some from parents at the Grayson County school the teens attend.

"The victim has to live through this all her life," one parent said. "The girl needs to face charges as an adult. I mean it's sad but she should."

"Anything we can do to help the kids not be bullied I think should be done," another parent said.

KTEN contacted the Bryan County District Attorney's Office but a representative said they couldn't comment because the judge in the case has issued a gag order for all parties involved.

Martin has since transferred to another high school in Grayson County.

Pamela says she's spent thousands of dollars on her daughter's medical bills and showed us medical records which state she has injuries to her head and back, and neck pain that "may persist into adulthood."

Pamela says she didn't know about the gag order until we called the DA's Office.

In a statement to KTEN, Pamela wrote, in part, "When juveniles commit adult crimes, they need to understand that there will be adult consequences. These people, both adults and juveniles, starred in their own violent video, bragged about it, shared it, and enjoyed the sick notoriety of a violent crime at our daughter's expense."

Pamela says she's turned over the cell phone video and copies of Facebook posts and tweets allegedly made by the teens to the Bryan County Sheriff's Office and the District Attorney.

"As parents," she added, "We have done our part. The case and its outcome is in their hands."

We contacted the school district the teens attend but they said they had no reports of any bullying against Martin before she transferred schools.

WATCH VIDEO: http://youtu.be/QjNB9SJaQ6c
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